Upgrade to the latest LED Lighting for your Office, while letting the Energy Savings Pay for it

Save your Company Money without Spending Upfront Costs? Really, How?

led tube t8 canada

Your choice of: LED T8, Philips Instantfit T8 or CANPACK 2x4* ceiling fixtures

Upgrading your facility to LED Lighting can save thousands in future power bills by reducing your overall kilowatt per hour usage, lighting can represent up to 80% of overall power bill in some facilities. Why continue wasting electricity? Let us use the “Savings from Tomorrow” to pay your LED Lighting Upgrade today. Why wait?

As of May 2014, Lighting giant Philips and XXXX have simultaneously introduced new LED T8 Lamps/Tube lights with energy savings of over 40% *(2x2 also avalible)

LED Canada is able to create immediate savings by;

  • Conducting a free comprehensive audit which will clearly show current use and potential savings.
  • Letting future savings pay for today’s installation.
  • Financing to bridge the short term product cost.
  • Obtaining B.C Hydro rebates and all other available green incentives.
  • Installing latest PIR occupancy sensors to create the highest possible efficiency.
  • Your savings can even become tax deductible, ask us how.

Simply call us to book a “LED Canada Lighting Audit” of your facility, or simply tell us how many (approximately) 4 foot florescent tubes you use, how long they are on, and we will go from there. (Note: Same offer applies to warehouses wishing to switch from 400 watt metal Halide to 150 watt LED highbay with same light output!)

Benefits all B.C electricity users including: Government and Municipal Offices, Strata or Managed Property and all Commercial office buildings and Towers for which we can finance the initial cost to create the ultimate savings.

 How we do it!

We’ve done the math! Retrofitting your current facility to LEDs lighting will instantly generate savings and continue to do so, for well over 10 years. Rebates are not going to be around for ever, so let us get any existing incentives. Not acting now can cost you thousands in future savings! (don’t be that guy)

Why would we do this?

Our main goal

"Promoting Effective Use of Efficient Lighting Technologies through Public Information and Education"

We want to assist "Canadian Companies" wishing to go green with LED Lighting and show how future savings and rebates can pay for the upfront costs.

LED lighting and new advanced LED tubes allow us to maximize your energy savings, combined with state-of-the-art occupancy sensors, we can further reduce waste and further reduce payback time of your installation. The moment the energy-savings have paid for the product and installation, the installed lighting system is 100% yours and you only need continue to pay your vastly reduced Hydro bill.


Call now to book your FREE LED Canada lighting and energy audit 604 339 5058

Or Email for more information


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