Portable LED for Emergency or Temporary Area Lighting

At the scene of an accident, or in an emergency situation, adequate lighting is critical to preventing further injuries and saving lives. For years, emergency crews have waited hours for temporary generators to be set up for HID lighting, unable to provide critical help. Today's flashlights are fantastic especially LED flashlights and torches, but are usually unavailable to provide the hands-free operation emergency crews, construction workers, emergency responders etc. need to prevent injuries and provide safe working environments.

Tried and trusted halogen

Most everyone is familiar with the yellow, emergency halogen flood light with its protective cage. A common site from painting crews to the military, Milloins have utilized these tried and trusted temporary lighting fixtures.

LEDs Revolutionize Portable Lighting

Far from the new kid on the block, LED has steadily proven itself a champion of efficiency, durability, and is being integrated to every aspect of our modern homes industries and products.


LED floodlights

LED floodlights are now commercially available (up to 150 W and higher) that easily outperform their 400 W metal halide counterparts.newly available portable lighting for emergency are: rechargeable, portable LED floodlights


New Rechargeable LED floodlights

Available in 5, 10 and 20 W LED chip on board (COB), generating 90 to 100 lm per watt of digital light, maximizing electricity used, our rechargeable LED floodlights feature locking tilt and pan, rugged base and foam covered handle. Ideal for: wet location lighting, remote location lighting, emergency scene lighting, temporary lighting, construction lighting and more.

Risks and Benefits Between:

LED Floodlights and Halogen/HID Portable Work Lights

Power Use

Rechargeable LED floodlights, three hours run time from a single five-hour charge, 90-100 lm per watt

Halogen must be plugged in at all times. 60-70 lm per watt

Fire risk

Rechargeable LED floodlights, even after hours of operations, these work lights remain only warm to the touch, unable to provide ignition source for fire.

Halogen, bulbs and housings operate at extremely hot temperatures and must be kept away from flammable materials at all times. Portable halogen lighting is a frequent cause of fires. Overtaxed temporarily placed electrical cords and plugs are also a potential fire ignition source.

Burn risk

Rechargeable LED work lights should be kept away from small children but are incapable of causing even minor burns.

Halogen, easily capable of starting fires as well as causing second-degree burns, fixtures remain hot after extinguishing.

Shock risk

Rechargeable LED work lights operate on low voltage 12 or 24 V DC direct current. These low voltages are incapable of causing shock hazard. IP65 rated for damp exterior environments.

Halogen, and HID operate on high-voltage electricity, 120-550 vac and higher. Electrical cords strung around damp worksites, emergency scenes etc. pose shock hazard to emergency workers or unsuspecting civilians.

Ruggedness and durability

Rechargeable LED floodlights, are extremely durable with no filament and all solid-state components, these lights can withstand massive vibration and shock and perform “dutifully” in the most treacherous environments. Designed to offer 20,000 to 30,000 hours of use and hundreds of recharges, before its “active duty life” ends, LEDs tend to get dimmer with age and do not suffer from catastrophic burnout

Halogen, this 100+-year-old technology utilizes tungsten filament in a halogen gas filled glass tube that is extremely susceptible to vibration and shock factors. Even in a permanent setting halogen bulb lifespan is approximately 2 to 3000 hours, at some point halogen bulbs experience catastrophic failure (burnout).

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