LED Lighting for safety

Lighting for safety

The main reason for lighting, besides being able to see what we're doing, is for safety reasons. During the evenings, mostly empty streets, parking lots, pedestrian walkways are all brightly lit to ensure the public's safety. Think of the millions of stairwells with energy inefficient lighting technologies running 24-hour today, sucking available power off the grid as fast as we can make it.

One of the fantastic benefits of LED lights is that they are able to run from 0% to 100% almost instantly (instant on). Newer lighting controllers that are now available using motion control that drops down to a 10% level when no activity is detected in its sector. Traditional lighting such as high-pressure sodium and metal halide need up to five minutes to obtain their full brightness and cannot restart instantly making it all the easier to just leave them on all the time.

Proper lighting in your household is essential in preventing many common accidents, yet people keep their lights off to save electricity. LED technology allows you to balance your lighting needs with your energy use conservation. There are many creative applications and kitchens bathrooms and dark hallways where just a few watts could help prevent accidents.

Common knowledge in the security world is that exterior lighting and a well lit grounds, is an essential component of residential and commercial security. Thieves love to operate in the dark shadows. Newly available 10, to100+ watt outdoor floodlights will allow security lighting to operate on fractions of its current energy consumption.

Compromising safety for energy efficiency should never be an issue, technologies like motion sensors, dusk till Dawn sensors are all part of the solution when used with energy efficient lighting such as LED.

Reduced fire risk

LEDs operate at a far lower temperature than standard lighting such as halogen.

Security and parking LED street lights for safety in Canada

Older lighting loses light output over time and can pose a hazard should they not provide an adequate amount of light to provide proper visibility at night.
Health benefits of using LED Lighting compared to fluorescents

LED technology has been in use since the 60s and No adverse health effects have ever reported from its use. Because they emit very little heat and no UV or IR, LEDs light it can safely be used in close proximity to human activity.

Unlike fluorescent and compact fluorescent products, LED products contain no mercury or any other toxic products that are released into the environment if the lamp is broken.


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