LED Tubes; an End to Mercury Use in the Home and Office

Today’s Fluorescent lighting.

The efficacy of fluorescent tubes ranges from about 16 lumens per watt for a 4 watt tube with an ordinary ballast to over 100 lumens per watt[28] with a modern electronic ballast, commonly averaging 50 to 67 lm/W overall. Most compact fluorescents above 13 watts with integral electronic ballasts achieve about 60 lm/W.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluorescent_lamp)


Using fluorescent tubes has certain disadvantages including;

  • ·         Mercury, is an integral element to “All fluorescent and CFL lighting”
  • ·         Rapid life expectancy deterioration- due to frequent and/or repeated switching on and off.
  • ·         Health concerns- from possible exposure, or contamination from Mercury and UV.
  • ·         Ultraviolet light spectrum emission- can lead to deterioration of certain sensitive surfaces.
  • ·         Power quality and radio interference issues,
  • ·         Problems operating at lower and higher temperatures,
  • ·         Flicker problems creating stroboscopic effects near “end of duty”
  • ·         Fluorescent tubes are “non dimmable”


New LED Tubes Offer Mercury Free Lighting alternatives to Fluorescent Tubes

With new SMD LED chip technology, LED tubes offer equal luminance (or better), in a rugged housing that can last for years and years without replacement. Because (fragile glass) fluorescent tubes contain the toxin; “mercury” proper disposal and recycling procedures must be followed to prevent contamination of local wetlands, lakes and marshes.

LED Tubes offer Superior Energy Savings and even more Great Features

  • ·         30,000-50,000 hr Life Span (external drivers may offer longer life, through proper thermal management)
  • ·         Completely Safe. NO: Glass, Mercury, Lead or other toxic materials
  • ·         Impact resistant
  • ·         Less time dedicated to maintenance
  • ·         Easy to Recycle  (Fluorescents are quite difficult and expensive to recycle)


Choosing the Right LED Tube

Certification: always choose products that have passed certifications required in your country and or bylaws require, typically; cULus or CSA

LED Tubes offer some unique features, but are not all are the same; decide which products meet your requirements.

  • ·         LED Tubes -Run directly off 110 V ac (internal Driver, requires minor Re-wire)
  • ·         Tubes with external drivers (ballast replaced with LED driver during retrofit)
  • ·         Rotatable end caps (Allows tube angle adjustment)
  • ·         Built in motion sensor (drops to 2% when idle)
  • ·         Direct retrofit (direct retrofit no rewiring needed)
  • ·         3022 SMD LEDs (100 lm per watt output)
  • ·         2,4 and 8 Foot tubes now Available
  • ·         U shaped LED “fluorescent” tube replacements
  • ·         Dimmable LED Tubes
  • ·         Clear or frosted lens (use “Frosted” only when tubes are directly visible, Use “Clear” for maximum light transmission)


LED Tubes Replace Fluorescents in Canada

Forward thinking cities, builders and property managers, are already incorporating or retrofitting LED into every possible application. Out of all the energy saving conversions your home office or industry can do, LED lighting offers the fastest return on investment (ROI). Today’s “Next Generation” LED Tubes offer substantial benefits besides, just “Saving Money”


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