The end of the light bulb as we know it

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The beginning of the end


Back in 2007, at that time ,United States Pres. George W. Bush, passed legislation that would see the beginning of the end of the incandescent light bulb. The Canadian government also implemented a strict efficiency regulations policy for incandescent light technologies. No one took to the streets in anger and most people are still largely unaware that their beloved lightbulbs will no longer be available for $.10 apiece at their local Outlet stores.

US holds firm while Canada grants two-year extension

The Canadian government has apparently rethought 2012 Lightbulb Phase out Dates, a small story on the Maclean's website revealed the Canadian government is considering extending the deadline to 2014. As for our American friends, the changing of these dates are much debated. So far the U.S. government has held firm on its 2012 date for the 100 W lightbulb phase-out, with the Department of energy standing behind its energy-saving mandate.Check here for facts about The United States"  Lightbulb wars"

Canada two years behind United States

Canadian Department of natural resources has applied for amending its energy efficiency regulations. Which they admit will put us two years United States.

There is a common misconception in both countries That incandescent bulbs are being banned altogether,The reality is they just have to be 20 to 30% more efficient.

if we had stuck to 2007 Harper government energy efficiency mandates, it really would only mean for the next two years instead of buying 100 W lightbulb you could only buy a 75 W lightbulb. Seems a tiny price to pay to prevent thousands of tons of carbon being released into the Canadian skies.

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