LED lights and bulbs being reviewed and rated

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staff writer LEDCanada

Not long ago, no one paid much attention to what brand of lightbulb they were spinning into that light socket. Now, spurred by government regulations as well as government stimulus to the LED industry, most electronics giants offer at least one if not an entire lineup of LED screw in incandescent replacement bulbs. Additionally many other new start-up companies as well as foreign companies whose names are less well known in North America such as ALT and Zetalux add to a dizzying array of selection.

Consumer review sites, eco-friendly sites and other industry sites, are starting to do serious LED comparisons and evaluate individual products.

Price a key factor in mass adoption

One thing everyone seems to agree on $45 for a lightbulb is more than the average consumer is willing to pay. As LED products continually evolve, manufacturers will be looking for mass production efficiency. If the price of LEDs stays relatively high, the chances of overall consumer adoption decrease. New advances in thermoplastics will help drive prices down as many of today's high brightness LED products rely on aluminum heat sinks

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