Cree unveils brightest, most efficient LED bulb ever

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Staff writer LED Canada

Cree unveiled August 1, at an industry trade show a prototype that delivers more than 1300lm at an amazing 152 lm per watt. Using only 8.7 watts

As an efficiency comparison, a traditional 75-watt incandescent light bulb produces 1,100 lumens at only 14.6 lumens per watt.

“Third-party testing by independent lab OnSpeX confirmed that Cree’s lamp delivered more than 1,330 lumens and consumes only 8.7 watts

Cree describes the ramifications in this statement from their website

Full Deployment of Lighting this Efficient Could Reduce U.S. Energy Consumption by 16.5%, Equivalent to 1987 Levels

Engineer from Cree describes the technology in this video

there's no doubt they will be submitting this product to obtain the L. prize, a 15 million Department of Energy innovation stimulation program from 2008, that very few products have even applied for.

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