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LED Street Lights Canada

The familiar orange glow from today's high-pressure sodium streetlamps may soon be replaced by high efficient LED streetlights, with a much more natural color of light. No bulb replacements and very little maintenance/ operating costs for this new technology, it's a huge savings for small municipalities as well as large cities.

Environmental Integrity, Infrastructure and LED lighting are critical factors in the process of becoming a sustainable city.

The city of Toronto earned the top marks as Canada's most sustainable big-city

“But Toronto is not stopping there. The city would like to expand its LED outdoor lighting to many residential areas. Toronto is in fact participating in an LED outdoor lighting field trial to test a LED luminaire product in two housing-residence garages. Performance has been convincing, e.g. energy savings of 70 %, excellent lumen maintenance over the period, and also strong public acceptance.”

The province of Quebec has many solid-state lighting projects underway including The Old Port of Montreal received recent installation of LED outdoor lights around the St-Laurence River. Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport also recently upgraded over 200 outdoor streetlamps to high-efficiency LED.

Las Vegas, home of the highest use of energy per capita, has recently announced plans to phase in LED lights  

Seattle recently replaced some 20,000 inefficient streetlights that they claim will save them over $400,000 in energy expense

Partnering with a local company roadway lighting, Nova Scotia has made use of several federal and provincial infrastructure grants in the middle of some $20 million SSL retrofit throughout the province

Call LED Canada to inquire about LED street lights approved for North American markets.

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