Phillips EnduraLED Wins US-DOE , L prize, Vancouver Canada helps with real-world testing

LED Technology

Philips will receive a $10 million cash prize as well as L Prize partner promotions and incentives.  


The Philips product endured rigorous performance testing carried out by independent laboratories as well as field assessments. The EnduraLED also fared well through a series of stress tests including temperature extremities, humidity, vibration, under and overpowering. This new award winning bulb could be available to consumers in less than six months. Submitted in 2008, the Philips LED bulb successfully completed 18 months of intensive field,lab, and real world testing to meet the rigorous requirements of the L Prize competition.  


“We looked at the L Prize challenge as an opportunity to innovate and develop an energy efficient alternative to a product that has remained largely unchanged for over a century,” said Zia Eftekhar, CEO of Philips Lighting North America. “The fact that we are the first and only company capable of submitting a product and completing 18 months of rigorous testing not only underscores our commitment to innovation and quality, it highlights our ability to bring meaningful leading technologies into the mainstream.”


BC Hydro's power Smart program being the sole Canadian partner.


Canada's own BC Hydro tested 35 of the award-winning bulbs in their executive boardroom, 14 pendant fixtures as well, installed in Vancouver City Hall were: six wall sconces, two ceiling fixtures and five table lamps.  


Interesting to note, Phillips was the only entry in the 60 W replacement category.  


Now we'll have to wait and see how the general public reacts.

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