Prices of LED light bulbs drop significantly

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Much like any new technology that enters the marketplace, the price tag on LEDs was exorbitantly high, too high to appeal to consumers for mass adoption. According to LED inside industry magazine, between March 2010 March 2011 prices on LED bulbs equivalent to 40 W incandescent has dropped over 50%. 



LED light bulb sales surpassed that of incandescent bulbs June,


But only in Japan


In Japan, being energy efficient isn't just a trendy bandwagon hop on, with limited electrical generation abilities, it's an absolute necessity of everyday living. While changing one light bulb from a 60 W to an 8 W, may not seem like a big deal, however the cumulative effect of tens of millions of people making similar changes becomes a substantial percentage of reduction of usage


Prices to drop, demand to increase


Advancements in LED manufacturing, optics design and thermal management are all contributing to a better product. These improvements help reassure governments and corporations that SSL (solid-state lighting ) has matured enough for mass adoption.


North American governments can now educate the general public of the many benefits of SSL , as the incandescent light bulb phase out has raised many questions from the general public, many who fear they soon will have to rely on mercury filled compact fluorescent lighting in their homes and offices As prices align with what consumers consider reasonable value, the demand for these energy-saving champions will surely outpace all other lighting sources combined.

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