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LED Markets and Opinion

I would like to suggest that Canadian cities reduce their mercury footprint. I was recently disturbed by this recent report from;  




With some simple math I quickly realized over 30 kg of mercury are headed to the landfill from CFL's alone just in British Columbia (ultra conservative est.) . I've blogged some of the key aspects, however Mercury contamination is not as exciting as Demi Moore's daughter's activities.  


See my summary;  




The recapture rate of; fluorescents, metal halide, high-pressure sodium and CFL's is dismal (see report for exact numbers.)  


Mercury is in the top 5 toxins of concern at the W.H.O. As we move to SSL (solid-state lighting) and LED ultra efficient lighting sources, hundreds of kilograms of mercury will be prevented from entering Canada's lakes rivers and streams. It is obviously the elephant in the room.  

I suggest "green" cities double their effort with companies such as; http://www.productcare.org/ , http://return-it.ca/ , http://www.pacificmobiledepots.com/ , http://www.urbanimpact.com/ , http://www.unpluggedrecycling.ca/ , http://www.recyclingalternative.com/ , http://rcbc.bc.ca/ , http://www.greendeal.ca/ ... (Check my twitter follows for more)

In all likelihood mercury-based lighting products will be phased out completely, so let's work on recapturing fluorescents and other mercury laden lighting products from entering Canada's landfills. Time is of the essence, mercury methyl hydrate contamination is a serious issue in Canada and the large cities are the main contributors.


Rob Huston


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