Is LED Even Ready for Commercial Lighting?

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LED has moved from its Wild West beginning, to today's solid-state lighting champion technology. Whether you're looking to retrofit existing luminaries or replacing out-dated, legacy fixtures with energy-efficient technology, today's LED/SSL (solid-state lighting) is up for any lighting challenge.


Previously LED luminance output had been limited, however recent manufacturing advancements (since 2010) have allowed LEDs to be a viable replacement for HID(high-intensity discharge): metal halide, high-pressure sodium, mercury vapor and all types of fluorescent and even compact fluorescent CFL's. LEDs can now effectively replace everything from reading lights to streetlights and everything in between all with minimal energy consumption and no hazardous materials. As the awareness of mercury contamination increases, and SSL technology improves, more and more pressure will be placed on governments, corporations, and demand from homeowners and individuals that mercury-based lighting products be completely phased out and replaced by energy-efficient LED


Using brand-name chipset such as Cree™ does not guarantee long life


Unfortunately not all LEDs are created equal. Many early adoptees were disappointed by poor color (CRI/color rendering index) and the failure to live up to the extremely long estimated life spans. Even today, many LEDs on the market do not have properly engineered thermal management, key to unlocking the extended lifespan of LEDs. While it may be true that the estimated life of a Cree XP-E™ may exceed 50,000 hours, that can only be realized when power supply and thermal management provide an optimized conditions.


Using trusted brand name components helps confidence in LED


When considering LED conversion, the confidence of choosing a high-end brand such as T-Opto, can help alleviate concerns of workmanship and quality. Using well-known, name brand manufacturers’ offers assurances your fixture supplier will not disappear or go out of business before end of warranty. (Ten-year warranty on Hybra housings)

While re-lamping may constitute less of your overall revenue, your customers will be happy not to pay the constant maintenance and coming soon; mercury processing fees (August 1, 2012 in British Columbia, Canada) and new eco-fees on new products containing mercury (Coming soon across Canada). Your customers will actively seek out energy-efficient lighting solutions and undoubtedly find them at


Isn’t there an even better technology around the corner?


There are of course many lighting technologies currently in development(electro-stimulated bioluminescence, O-LED and even a microwave light source as bright as the sun, is in development by NASA), but just as it took years to adopt LED, it will take many more years to adopt newer technologies that have yet to be completely proven. Leaving LED / SSL technology to light our world for decades to come.


Opportunities in a new and booming LED lighting market


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