Do LED Lights Attract Insects?

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Are insects attracted to LED light: yes and no?


For many years I've clung to the belief that LEDs do not attract insects, indeed the LED landscape lighting I had used for years seemed not to attract any bugs whatsoever. I was sure that I had read many times in many places at LED light did not attract insects.


LED lights do attract insects?


So imagine my surprise when I come across a retraction from their original story in 2009, stating that LEDs in fact do, attract insects and they were completely wrong! Had I been wrong all this time? It seems that as well as IR (infrared), insects are attracted to a certain range in the blue spectrum.


Which LED lights don't attract insects?


Further researching this topic, I was amazed at how controversial this is! Had I stumbled across the original LED urban myth? The answer popped up in a comment by an Australian gentleman, it seems that the color temperature of the LED, directly correlates with attraction to insects he states:

“It is obvious here in our part of the world (Australia )that certain LED light colors ( warm white) attract much less insects than some cool color lights (3200k+). As not all insects are the same, some might be still attracted to warm LED lights as they might be equipped with different sensors. But one thing is for sure, certain "warm" type LED lights are almost “insect free” at night here.”

Posted by Alex_S on Dec 3, 2011 8:47pm


It seems the higher the Kelvin temperature, the more blue spectrum emitted


2800° Kelvin also known as “warm white” apparently emits very little blue spectrum. So if your goal is an insect free porch or patio, avoid LED lights with color temperatures over 3000° Kelvin, natural white or cool white. It would seem some further research on this is required to define which insects are attracted to which color spectrums, in which parts of the world.

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