LED Grow Lights Vancouver: Horticultural Lighting

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Currently, a good percentage of the food we eat is grown in hothouses and is often supplemented with electric lighting to artificially extend flowering season. These supplemental lighting systems often consist of metal halide or high-pressure sodium, HID(high-intensity discharge) lamps, that are for the most part, are very inefficient supplying proper spectrums required for all stages of plant development.


While LED lighting has been around for almost a decade now, advancements in horticultural applications (growing different types of plants) has just with recent advancements (in output in lumen per watt, as well as availability of UV, IR and other LEDs in “non-lighting” spectrums), reached commercial viability.


Our most recent breakthrough; LED Canada/GrowthStarLED.com have exclusive North American access to patents on “pulsed phase modulation” from our European partner, a power supply technology which allows lights to be fine-tuned to certain types of plants as well drawing only 50% of their operating wattage while still maintaining 100% light output, for example a 400 W LED using pulsed phase technology will only draw 200 W while still supplying superior light levels to the plant. This type of technology promises to reduce even more the astonishingly the low amount of electricity LEDs used to produce light completely tailored to each crop.



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