What is a LED Retrofit?

LED Technology

A LED retrofit may be an efficient, Eco- solution for your home, office or commercial warehouse


It can be as simple as replacing an inefficient halogen lamp or incandescent lamp, with a “screw in LED retrofit light bulb” or far more complex “commercial LED retrofit” (professional installation required) ; where the existing fixture is simply upgraded with an LED array and power supply. fluorescent fixture retrofitting, commercial pendants and wall sconces, even streetlights can be retrofitted with high-quality SSL-LED light engines.

Should I buy new fixtures or upgrade old ones to LED?

There are many instances where the commercial fixtures in the building are fairly new (and expensive), however they contain inefficient lighting technologies which when replaced by LED, can provide many years of service before housing needs replacement. LED fixtures produce minimal amounts of heat, meaning less stress on fixtures as well as secondary optics (glass or acrylic diffuser between light source and subject).


Retrofitting existing Wall-mounted fixtures or wall sconce


Apartment building, commercial buildings, hotels etc. have millions and millions of these inefficient incandescent or fluorescent “commercial wall sconce fixtures” that can easily be retrofitted to LED 5 or 10 W LED arrays or panels.


LED retrofitting Circular (round) ceiling lights


This type of fixture usually contains 2 to 3 sideways mounted screw in incandescent or CFL light sources. This is an extremely inefficient design and an LED circular array retrofit can cut operational costs from this type of fixture up to 80% and still deliver high luminance output. Round ceiling light retrofits come in several different sizes and wattages to meet different commercial needs.


LED retrofitting Fluorescent tubes in 2 x 4 or 2 x 2 ceiling fixtures (sometimes referred to as Troffers)


LED T8 -T10 replacement tubes


There are many approaches to LED retrofits for florescent lighting. Our “Direct Retrofit tubes”, swap right in, with no rewiring. Line voltage replacement tubes are available (bybass ballast and starters), but modifications must be made to the wiring inside the fixture (certified professional only) and may require secondary certification.(Have your electrician carefully check local bylaws and building codes when considering LED tube retrofit. In cases like these, it may well be more affordable to replace the entire fixture than to re-certify after retrofit.*Fluorescent lighting ballasts installed pre-1979 may contain PCBs, traditional lighting products contain various toxins should be treated by appropriate facilities when disposed of.


Warehouse LED retrofit


Currently warehouse and large area commercial and factory outlet retail, rely heavily on two technologies: suspended florescent tube lights and metal halide high-bay fixtures. Both types require frequent re-lamping, and require various amounts of mercury inside of the bulb. Excellent advances in efficiency and florescent lighting recently still cannot compare to the efficiency of LED.


Flick of the switch


traditional HID must be controlled at the breaker box, and suffer from repeated on and off usage making them incompatible with motion control and are more difficult to incorporate on timers because of their extremely high voltage nature.


LED high bay (for metal halide) and low bay (for florescent)


LED has distinct advantages in industrial and warehouse settings: its directional ability allows fixture design with particular beam spread. Light levels are key concern for safety reasons, productivity and quality control.

More and more commercial LED lighting products are incorporating 0 to 10 V low-voltage control options, meaning smart control over your industrial lighting and the ability to incorporate occupancy sensors, and an array of other smart controls.

Our New High bay series features CREE LEDs boosting an amazing 110 lumens per watt

Can LEDs replace every light source?


LED technology has matured from its Wild West youth, to a full-fledged scientifically proven and validated, energy-saving SSL (solid-state lighting) commercial, residential and industrial technology. With newly available ultrahigh output “sports arena lighting” especially favored by HDTV content producers, parking lot and roadway lighting, warehouse commercial and factory lighting solutions and don't forget LED retrofit bulbs and lamps for every socket in your house. LED is destined to be the primary lighting source in the coming times of conservation, older lighting technology; (many that require Mercury) face up-coming “Eco-Fees or bans”. It may not be the light-bulb police as some have envisioned, but eventually all inefficient lighting must be updated or retrofitted.

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