Philips Lumileds Stock was Acquired by Chinese Consortium


On March 31, 2015, the GSR (GO Scale Capital), Chinese consortium, announced the successful acquisition of the Lumileds80.1% stock of Royal Philips, Philips will retain the remaining 19.9% of the shares. The transaction is worth about $ 3.3 billion.


Royal Philips is the global leader in lighting, the GSR and Royal Philips can reach this cooperation this time, in addition to the good faith of Chinese consortium Philips offer, it also should be the space of development of China's total semiconductor lighting industry, technology research and development capability, and China's huge potential market space.


Ulight Lighting meets an advantage opportunity for GSR and Royal Philips cooperation. Philips has the independent intellectual property rights of silicon substrate LED technology, which is benefit to high-power LEDs. The Philips lumileds are widely used in our LED industrial Lighting, such as high bay, LED low bay and Wall pack, Canopy and ect., The latest Philips high Technology Lumileds will be widely used in Ulight Lighting also. And we will be the leading of Industrial Lighting in China and the world.

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