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Brands Distributed By LED Canada (We are currently updating our website)

Visit us at our warehouse #5-9079 Shaughnessy Street Vancouver, BC, Canada V6P 6R9. Give us a call to get great LED wholesale prices. We also have resellers across Canada that we can put you in touch with.

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A19 LED Light Bulb Canada - Globe LED Bulb Canada - Candle LED Bulb Canada


NaturaLED Catalogue 2016 (click the logo)


Euri Lighting Catalogue 2016 (click the logo)

euri lighting


A19, Globe, Candle LED Bulbs Canada

a19 globe candle led bulbs canada

LED BR/R Bulbs Canada

led br bulbs canada

LED Par Bulbs Canada

led par bulbs vancouver canada

LED MR16 Light Bulb Canada - 

LED MR16 Bulbs Canada 12 Volt 120 Volt []

LED COB [Chips On Board] Light Bulbs Canada 

LED cob chips on board par bulbs canada []

LED Display Par Lamps Canada

led display lighting par lamps canada

LED Instant Fit Tube Canada

led instant fit tubes canada

LED T8 Tube Lights Canada 

 led tube t8 ac120 277v canada []


LED High Bay Lights Canada - LED Low Bay Lights Canada


led high bay low bay canada


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